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Pegasus case: Morocco tramples on international legality for decades

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Sahrawi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek said that the involvement of Morocco in the “Pegasus” spyware scandal did not surprise the Sahrawi leadership, noting that Rabat tramples on international legality for decades.

“Spying is a crime against the Sahrawi government, it is one aspect of the war that Morocco has launched since 1975 against our country,” Ould Salek said in an interview with the French magazine Marianne.

“Pegasus is causing a wave of indignation in the world. But we are not surprised. Morocco has been trampling on international legality for decades! Pegasus is the softest aspect of the occupation that we suffer from,” said the head of Sahrawi diplomacy.

“Even those who support the Moroccan regime in its perilous military adventure – this is the case of France and Spain, in particular – are spied on. “Today, Morocco doubts everyone, its neighbors, its allies, and its friends.”

“After forty-five years, neither the international community nor the European Union nor the African Union have recognized the sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara,” said the Sahrawi minister.

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