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Polisario Front Representative to UN: Morocco lies about adherence to ceasefire, Saharawi people determined to continue struggle

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Polisario Front’s Representative at UN, Dr. Sidi Mohamed Omar, said it is very difficult in this moment to speak about a peace negotiations, after Morocco launched military attack on Western Sahara.

Speaking to CNN, the Saharawi official highlighted that the Saharawi people was obliged to respond to this aggression, reaffirming the Saharawi people’s will to continue the fight for liberating their country.

Dr. Sidi-Mohamed Omar underlined that the attack launched Friday on Saharawi civilians in Guergerat is an evidence of Morocco’s disregard to the ceasefire and UN peace plan.

He also regretted that after three decades of patience, restraint and waiting for the referendum to take place, Morocco still refuses the referendum and any solution to be reached.

He, in this respect, denounced the UN’s shameful inaction towards the ongoing illegal occupation of Western Sahara.

The Saharawi diplomat stressed the need to hold Morocco responsible for re-igniting the war in Western Sahara, which will have dire consequences on peace and security in the entire North Africa region.

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