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Polisario Front warns against danger of Moroccan regime involving foreign parties in war against Sahrawi people

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The Polisario Front warned Wednesday against the dangerous repercussions of the policy of the Moroccan colonizer if it continues involving foreign parties in the war against the Sahrawi people by attempting to despoil their legitimate national rights.

While broaching the latest developments of the new situation in which Morocco has immersed the whole region, the Polisario Front warned, in a final communiqué culminating its third ordinary session, against the extremely dangerous repercussions of the occupying State’s policy, if it continues to involve international parties in the war against the Sahrawi people by attempting to despoil their legitimate national rights.

Denouncing once again the proclamation of 10 December 2020, of outgoing US president on Western Sahara, the Polisario Front General Secretariat “emphatically condemned the recent visit of US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and North Africa Affairs David Schenker to the occupied cities of Western Sahara.”

Such a visit, underlined the source, “is part of the occupier’s policy aimed at misleading the international opinion by the opening of consulates and the organization of visits and events to claim a sovereignty that it doesn’t have over Western Sahara.”

While broaching the recent international positions, the Polisario Front pointed out “with great relief the isolation of President Trump’s position, considered, henceforth, as a cacophony voice.”

These positions are part of a series of positive and progressive positions firmly advocating the commitment to the legal status of the territory and the nature of Western Sahara’s conflict, as a decolonization conflict that hasn’t been completed.

Positions expressed by the Security Council in its session of 21 December 2020, the UN Secretariat General, the African Union (AU), Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain and other countries, organizations, parties, bodies of the civil society and worldwide famous personalities.”

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