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President Biden receives legislation associating military cooperation with Morocco to achieving progress in resolving Western Sahara issue

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After months of negotiations, the US Congress has decided to send the National Defense Authorization Act to the White House this week, indicated President of the Global Liberty Alliance, Jason Poblete.

The pro-Moroccan lobby has failed to remove important paragraphs on Western Sahara restricting U.S. military cooperation with the Kingdom of Morocco, part of a measure president Biden is expected to sign into law in the next few weeks, the source added.

The resolution of Congress stated that the Minister of Defence cannot use any of the funds authorized under the Finance Act of 2022 to support the participation of the military forces of the Kingdom of Morocco in any bilateral or multilateral exercise organized by the Ministry of Defence unless the Minister informed the defence committees of Congress that the Kingdom of Morocco had taken steps to support a final peace agreement with Western Sahara.

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