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President Ghali voluntarily responds to questions of Spanish National Court

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Saharawi President Brahim Ghali decided on Tuesday to cooperate with the Spanish justice system by voluntarily answering the questions of a judge after complaints brought against him at the instigation of the Moroccan occupation authorities, said a statement issued by the presidency of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).

The fact that President Ghali, who has been hospitalised in Spain for several weeks after contracting Covid-19, has decided to cooperate with the Spanish justice system “testifies to the will of the Saharawi people and its leaders to give priority to the truth by defending the principles of justice”, clarified the Sahrawi presidency.

“There is no doubt that this historical step marked by nobility, pride and ethics will expose the untruths, falsification and dishonesty of the occupier’s services that are behind these accusations,” said the same source.

The decision to cooperate with the Spanish justice also stems from the conviction of the Polisario Front and the SADR government of the need for the Saharawi people to triumph over the propaganda of the occupier, which wants to “show the executioner in the features of the victim”, added the statement.

The SADR recalled that the Moroccan occupier uses the same methods as those of any occupying power including that of Apartheid.

These methods consist of accusing the liberation movements of all kinds of crimes and terrorist attacks. The Saharawi presidency cited, as an example, the accusations made by the Apartheid regime against the African leader Nelson Mandela.

“The desire of the Moroccan occupier to exterminate the Saharawi people (…), the confiscation of its right and the annexation of its land are the motivations behind the recent uncontrolled actions of the Alawite Makhzen, which thinks it can pass on its false propaganda,” underlined the Saharawi presidency.

“The decision to cooperate with the Spanish justice system with courage and transparency, even though the plot and its instigators are visible, proves that the oppressed is the Sahrawi people,” it said.

The Sahrawi presidency evoked, in this context, the crimes against humanity suffered by the Sahrawis, including war crimes, murders committed by throwing people from airplanes, mass graves, kidnappings, rapes, mock trials against human rights activists, confiscation of land and spread of social evils within the Sahrawi population (drugs, alcohol, etc.) “.

The SADR also recalled that it is the Moroccan occupier that prevents the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) from monitoring the human rights situation in the occupied territories.

It is also Morocco which prevents human rights organizations, international observers and the media from accessing the occupied territories that it has transformed into an open-air prison and that it has placed in a situation of total isolation and where it continues to practice all kinds of torture and barbaric acts.

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