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President Tebboune reaffirms Algeria’s position on right of Sahrawi people to self-determination

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President of Algeria Abdelmadjid Tebboune has reaffirmed, in an interview to French weekly “Le Point,” Algeria’s position regarding distinct international issues, including the right of Sahrawi people to self-determination,

President Tebboune said that Morocco should return quickly to an acceptable solution in accordance with international law.

“Some believe that with the opening of consulates (in El Aaiun and Dakhla), the Western Sahara issue is closed, but they are wrong. Morocco should quickly return to an acceptable solution in accordance with international law,” he said, stressing that the recognition by the former U.S. president of the alleged Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara “means nothing”.

“Why do Moroccans refuse self-determination? because they have made an ethnic change (change in the demographic component) which has its consequences: the Sahrawis inside Western Sahara are now a minority compared to the Moroccans who settled there. In the event of a vote for self-determination, the Moroccans settled in the Saharawi territory will vote for independence because they will no longer want to be the king’s subjects. It is paradoxical to have a Moroccan majority and to refuse the vote of self-determination,’ he noted.

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