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Rejection of Trump’s decision on Western Sahara “positive sign”

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The firm opposition of several republicans and democrats, to the unilateral decision of the US outgoing President Donald Trump to recognize Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara is “a positive sign,” said American expert in international law, Stephen Zunes, considering possible the cancellation of the measure by the future tenant of the White House.

Stephen Zunes told APS (Algerian News Agency) on Wednesday that “the fact that left-wing Democrats and right-wing Republicans have strongly opposed Trump’s decision (about the question of Western Sahara) is a positive sign.”

“Even if some members of the US Congress who had previously backed the so-called ‘autonomy plan’ of Morocco are opposing Trump’s unilateral action which bypassed the UN-led peace process,” added the professor at the San Francisco University.

This Middle East specialist also expressed dismay at the fact that Trump, through his decision taken on December 10th, “recognized the takeover of an African state legally recognized by another”, “which not only seriously damages the reputation of the United States, but encourages other countries to believe that they could also get away with territorial expansion.”

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