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Return to status quo in Western Sahara “is no longer an option”

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The Saharawi Foreign Minister, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, has declared that a return to the status quo in Western Sahara “is no longer an option” and that the United States would not be able to maintain its status as penholder in the Security Council on the Sahrawi question without breaking with the proclamation made by Trump last December.

In an interview with L’Intelligent d’Abidjan, published Monday, Mr. Ould Salek indicated that with the return of war in Western Sahara, following the violation by Morocco of the ceasefire on November 13, “the United Nations is facing its responsibilities. The Saharawi people have waited 30 years for a referendum on self-determination, so it is necessary to establish the responsibilities and the return to the status quo is no longer possible.

The security situation in occupied Western Sahara is that of a country at war, the minister said, denouncing “unprecedented repression. All human rights organisations speak about it and issue statements of condemnation and call for the cessation of torture and flagrant violations committed by the (Moroccan) occupier.

At the diplomatic level, the Saharawi minister maintained that “Morocco is blocking the implementation of the peace agreement and wants to change the nature of the conflict, bury the resolutions and decisions of international organisations, confiscate the rights of the Saharawi people and legitimise its illegal occupation. For him, “it is time for confrontation. Unless the Security Council (…) decides to set the record straight”. “The Saharawi Republic must take its rightful place in the concert of nations. That is the law, and that is justice. Playing for time means sending a wrong message to the Sahrawi people, to the region and to the international community,” he insisted.

In this interview, the Minister asked “that the truth be established, and nothing but the truth”.  He criticised the inaction of the Security Council, which is the guarantor of the implementation of the settlement plan, and the encouragement given by some of its permanent members to Morocco, which “reneges on its commitments duly signed with the Sahrawi party”.

In its quest for freedom, the Sahrawi government also relies on the determination of the Sahrawi people to liberate its homeland from the expansionism of the northern neighbour, Morocco, as they did against the Spanish coloniser, the minister said.

He recalled that since the beginning of the liberation war in 1973 against the Spanish occupier, the Sahrawi national movement decided to create a single movement that brings together all Sahrawis who aspire to the independence of their country. “Now, the Polisario Front is made up of all political and cultural sensibilities,” he added.

“Trump’s Declaration has no legal, political or moral value. It is a barter.”

Regarding the proclamation made last December by former US President Donald Trump, which recognised the alleged Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, Ould Salek said that the Saharawi leadership communicated to the Biden administration the “strong condemnation” of the Saharawi people of this “illegal” and ” inappropriate” declaration. “We noted that the State Department repeated each time that the new administration is in the process of reviewing this transaction, which reminds us of the law of the jungle. You can’t offer a people, a country to another for some kind of service. This is unbelievable. This is world chaos,” he said.

According to him, Trump’s declaration, “is null and void”. “It has no legal, political or moral value. It is a transaction. A barter,” he further said.

“Trump’s declaration violates international law, the UN Charter, the opinion of the International Court of Justice, and even goes against the traditional position of the US and its role in the Security Council as the penholder of the resolutions on Western Sahara. The US cannot be judge and arbiter at the same time. Also, I am not sure that this declaration has properly assessed the interests of the US, its image and its credibility”, he added.

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