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Russian Ambassador to Algeria: Trump’s announcement will not change Sahrawi cause reality

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Russian Ambassador to Algeria Igor Beliaev said on Tuesday that the announcement by US President Donald Trump of the recognition of the alleged sovereignty of Morocco over occupied Western Sahara, constitutes “a violation of the international legality” and “will in no way change the reality of the Sahrawi cause which will remain a question of decolonization.”

Speaking to the newspaper “El Bilad”, Beliaev said that “this announcement will not change the reality of the Sahrawi cause which will remain a question of decolonization,” affirming contacts established by his country with the UN Secretary General about the Sahrawi file.

Last Friday, Russia had denounced announcement of US President, saying that this decision is completely beyond the scope of the international law.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov stated that this announcement did not meet the “decisions of UN Security Council, on which the Americans themselves agreed.”

In this regard, he added that “there are relevant resolutions and the United Nations Mission for the referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO). The American approach is a unilateral decision which contradicts international law and decisions of the UN Security Council voted by the Americans. “

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