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Russia’s Ambassador to Morocco: Our position on Western Sahara issue is principled

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The Russian ambassador to Morocco, Valerian Shuvaev, has reaffirmed that the position of his country on the issue of Western Sahara is principled, in an interview with the Moroccan press.

“Our position is principled, well known, clear and long-standing, starting with the launch of this conflict in the region,” said the Russian ambassador in response to a question about Russia’s position on the issue of Western Sahara following the recent developments in Guerguerat.

“In this context, I must say first that we view the issue of Western Sahara based on the status of the Russian Federation as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, as well as a member of the so-called Friends of Western Sahara group that operates within the framework of the United Nations,” stressed the Russian diplomat.

He considered that this conflict has lasted for a long time and the efforts of all concerned, whether directly or indirectly, must be exerted to promote a just and final solution to the conflict.

He also called for the urgent appointment of a personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Western Sahara as soon as possible, and resumption of the political process to find a solution as soon as possible.

In regard to what he thinks about the Moroccan proposal, the Russian ambassador said, “we prefer not to go into the details of the final initiatives, on the basis that all settlements and all the details must be formulated, discussed and agreed upon by the parties to the conflict themselves, and we are ready to recognize any final choice the parties agree on.”

On the possibility of opening a Russian consulate in the occupied Sahrawi territories, the Russian ambassador said, “As I said in the context of our principled position on the Western Sahara issue, all operations and practical steps in this regard are based on this principled position. So far, there is the legal status of the Western Sahara issue, which is recorded in the documents and resolutions of the United Nations. Regarding the opening of international consulates, they must be determined within the framework of finding a final solution to the problem of the Western Sahara.”

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