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Sahrawi army carries out new attacks on positions of Moroccan occupying forces

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The units of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has carried out new attacks targeting the trenches of the Moroccan occupation forces, according to military communiqué No. 140 of the Sahrawi Ministry of Defense.

According to the same source, during the day of Tuesday, advanced detachments of the Sahrawi army bombed enemy positions in the Ashwail area of the Hawza sector, adding that during the day of Wednesday, advanced detachments of the Sahrawi army shelled the enemy’s bases in the area of Ras Laawaj Tali in the Farsia sector, the Fudra Lagrab area in the Hawza sector, the Akkarah Ashdida area in the Farsia sector, and the Alfayin area in the Farsia sector.

The source concluded that the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army attacks continued targeting the positions and bases of the Moroccan occupation soldiers, who sustained heavy losses in lives and equipment along the wall of “humiliation and shame”.

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