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Sahrawi army continues attacks on Moroccan occupation forces positions along the berm

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The Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) units carried out new attacks targeting the entrenchment sites of the Moroccan occupation army, which was under constant bombardment along the berm, according to Military communiqué No. 112 issued by the Sahrawi Defense Ministry on Wednesday.

The communiqué pointed out that “the SPLA units bombed the Moroccan occupation forces’ positions in several locations, including Azmul, Umm Khamla, in the Umm Adrika sector, while targeting the entrenched forces in the Kalb Adlim area in the Techla sector.”

The Sahrawi army units also continued to “destroy the Moroccan forces on Wednesday, targeting the entrenched forces in the Akarara Al-Arabi area, as well as the Atouizki sector and the Mahbas sector, as well as bombing sites in the Al-Shidmiya area in the same sector.”

The Sahrawi army launched “violent and devastating bombardment targeting several locations in the Umm Adakan area in the Al-Bakari sector and in the Akarara Hadid area in the Al-Farsiya sector, where smoke was seen rising from the target base.”

The SPLA’s attacks continue to target Moroccan occupation forces, which have suffered “significant loss of lives and equipment along the separation wall,” the communiqué adds.

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