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Sahrawi army intensifies its attacks against Moroccan occupation army bases

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Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) units have launched new attacks targeting Positions of the Moroccan occupation forces along the berm, according to military communiqué No.103 issued by the Sahrawi Defence Ministry on Monday.

The military communiqué stated that the Sahrawi army “carried out today (Monday) and yesterday (Sunday), intensive attacks, in which large areas of the Moroccan berm (the wall of shame) turned into destruction.”

The communiqué indicated that the Sahrawi army bombed Monday the occupation forces, which began building a defensive wall in the Atoizki area, and destroy a bulldozers of the occupation army.

The communiqué of the Sahrawi defence ministry added that the Sahrawi army also carried out shelling targeting the Moroccan occupation forces in the area of Bancarat in the Smara sector and others stationed in the area of Afririnat Bancarat in the Smara sector, as well as an intensive bombardment against the occupying soldiers who were entrenched in the area of Kalb Adlim in the Teshela sector, indicating that the Moroccan occupation soldiers “sustained heavy losses in lives and equipment along the wall of humiliation and shame”.

The statement pointed out that “enemy forces came out yesterday (Monday) evening from the Tarf Bouhanda area in the direction of Boulhabal in the Atoizki sector in an attempt to build a wall to close the entry points leading into the Moroccan territory after the successful operation that was carried out in the Agha region,” indicating that “Sahrawi army units confronted the enemy forces that were violently bombed last night.”

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