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Sahrawi Army prevents Moroccan occupation forces from expanding its sand walls, kills soldiers and destroys equipment

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Units of the Saharan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) launched Tuesday morning, 23 February, a fierce attack against Moroccan occupation forces, which were trying to build a sand wall in the Atouizki area.

During this attack, the SPLA killed enemy soldiers, injured several others, destroyed two vehicles, two bulldozers, according to military communiqué No 104 of the Sahrawi Ministry of Defense.

The SPLA units, adds the source, “also bombed the main base in the Atouiski area and carried out intensified attacks against the positions of the Moroccan army in the Laaria area at the crossroads of the two sectors of Mahbès and Atouiski”.

As part of its continued attacks against the entrenchment positions of the Moroccan occupation forces, the SPLA forces carried out bombardments targeting the Tnilik area in the Bekkari sector where a radar belonging to the 67 battalion of the occupation forces was destroyed “.

Shelling also targeted, according to the communiqué, positions of the occupying army in the Oum Adken area in the Bekkari sector and its entrenchments in the Smara sector.

SPLA units had carried out Monday attacks against the positions of the Moroccan occupation army in the Alfayine areas in the sector of Farsia and Doumes in the sector of Bekkari, concluded the same source.

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