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Sahrawi Army units carry out intense strikes against entrenchments of Moroccan occupation army

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The Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army units carried out today, Monday, intense attacks on the Moroccan military wall of defense, targeted different positions of the enemy forces, according to military communiqué No. 04 of the Ministry of National Defense.

The attacks targeted the following enemy positions:

Warning point 71 of the Hawza sector, at 07:00 am.

Base No. 04 of the Amgala sector, from 08:30 to 09:30 am.

Base No. 20 near Rus-Sebti, at 12:30 pm.

Warning point 191 of the Farsia sector, at 10:50 am and at 02:30 pm.

Base No. 12 of the 47th corps, Um-Drega, at 11:50 am.

Base No. 04 of the 63rd corps in the Bakari sector, at 02:15 pm.

The valiant Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army units continue to strike the invaders’ strongholds along the wall of humiliation and shame, added the communiqué.

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