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Sahrawi government hails qualitative military operation in El Guerguerat, warns against involvement of civilians by Moroccan occupier in military positions

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The Saharawi government praised, Sunday, the qualitative operation carried out Saturday night by the fighters of the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in the illegal breach of El Guerguerat, warning against “the involvement of civilians, by the Moroccan occupier, in military positions”.
Minister of Information, Official Spokesperson of the Saharawi Government, Hamada Selma Eddaf, indicated in a statement that “the units of the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army launched an intensive shelling on Saturday evening in the direction of the illegal breach of ‘El Guerguerat “, qualifying this breach as “flagrant offence of Moroccan forces even before the violation of the ceasefire “.
The Sahrawi Government, adds the statement, “while welcoming this qualitative operation of SPLA fighters, recalls its declaration of November 18, 2020 in which it warned that the entire territory of the Sahrawi Republic in its air, land and sea has become a war zone, after being introduced by Moroccan recklessness to a stage of insecurity and instability”.
The Government of the Sahrawi Republic, which warns all commercial and economic enterprises and public and private sectors against any involvement in activities in Western Sahara or the use of its maritime or land for investments or as a passage of goods, considers that only Morocco bears responsibility for the damage that may occur as a result of its illegal occupation of Sahrawi territories since 1975,” the source added.
In the context of the war of aggression against the Sahrawi people, the Sahrawi government has remained committed to the principles of international humanitarian law and the right of its people to self-defence and has never targeted civilians throughout its war of liberation, the same source said, warning of the risks arising from the involvement by the Moroccan occupier of the civilians at the level of military positions.
The Saharawi Government also warned, in a related context, against “making civilians human shields for the expansionist occupation projects in Western Sahara”, considering the strikes targeting the El-Guerguerat breach as a “warning that” it must be taken seriously “.
Therefore, the government has “urged Moroccan citizens to avoid using this illegal breach and other places of presence of Moroccan royal forces, which will remain a legitimate target for strikes by fighters of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).
The Sahrawi government also called on “Sahrawis, wherever they are, to defend their homeland and their dignity and to mobilize more to achieve the people’s aspirations for liberation and independence and expel the Moroccan occupier from all the territory “of Western Sahara.

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