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Sahrawi Government: Peaceful protests in Guerguerat are another manifestation of intensive resistance waged by Sahrawi people

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The Sahrawi government confirmed Tuesday that the peaceful protests in Guerguerat were another manifestation of the intensive resistance waged by the Sahrawi people in all their places against the illegal Moroccan occupation of parts the territory of the Sahrawi Republic.

In a statement, the Sahrawi Government expressed its strong solidarity with the crowds of Sahrawi citizens positioned since Monday as part of a spontaneous and peaceful public protest against the illegal passage opened by the Moroccan occupation army through the wall of humiliation and shame in the Guerguerat region.

The Sahrawi government held the MINURSO mission and the United Nations fully responsible for the security and safety of the Sahrawi citizens positioned in Guerguerat, who have the full right to free expression and peaceful protest to defend the inalienable rights of their people to self-determination, independence and permanent sovereignty over the natural resources of their country.

The statement of the Sahrawi Government added that the slogans of the Sahrawi citizens strongly condemning the continued Moroccan occupation of parts of their country, its continuous violations of human rights, and its continuous depletion of the natural resources of the Sahrawi people, in full view of the United Nations mission in the region, were also an expression of the rejection of the policy of double standards pursued by the United Nations in the face of the ongoing violations of the Moroccan occupation State. .

The Sahrawi government reiterated its position totally rejecting the continued existence of the illegal passage in the Moroccan wall of humiliation and shame in the Guerguerat region, which represents a continuous breach of the ceasefire, the terms of the military agreement No. 1, and the spirit of the settlement plan, and urgently demands the Security Council to force the Moroccan occupation state to immediately close this illegal passage, which remains a permanent source of tension in the region that may lead to regrettable consequences. (Sumous)

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