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Sahrawi government reacts to fabrications and illusions of Moroccan King aimed at continuing his adventure in Western Sahara

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The Sahrawi Ministry of Information has reiterated that the Sahrawi people will continue their liberation struggle against the Moroccan occupation until the completion of national sovereignty over the entire territory of the Sahrawi Republic, considering what was stated in the Moroccan King’s speech yesterday, Saturday, as nothing but “fabrications and illusions to justify intransigence, recklessness and continuation of adventure.”

The ministry indicated in a statement in response to the speech of the King of Morocco on the anniversary of the military invasion against the Sahrawi people, that “the Sahrawi people who accepted permanent peace with the Kingdom of Morocco by signing the settlement plan in 1991, after 16 years of war, will not stop fighting until Morocco ends its aggression and illegal occupation of the territory of the Saharawi Republic.

It considered what the Moroccan monarch said in his speech and as usual, “a mixture of fallacies, fabrications and illusions to justify intransigence, recklessness and continuation of adventure,” noting that the international community does not recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara and that intransigence in continuing aggression will only bring the Moroccan people more poverty, deprivation, dependency and further loss of dignity and sovereignty.

“The King of Morocco is well aware that the Sahrawi Republic, the neighbor of the Kingdom of Morocco, is an irreversible and insurmountable reality, and Morocco sits by its side in multilateral forums at the continental and international levels,” the statement added.

The Sahrawi Ministry blamed the Moroccan regime, which caused a return to war, for what will result from it in terms of woes, destruction, instability and lost opportunities for entire generations of the people of the region.

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