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Sahrawi government: UNESCO’s position is a flagrant bias to the Moroccan thesis, an explicit and dangerous deviation from the ethics and principles of the United Nations

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The Sahrawi Ministry of Culture on Wednesday issued a statement, expressing its disappointment and regret at the adoption by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) of the city of El-Aaiun, the occupied capital of the Sahrawi Republic, as a Moroccan city, while including it in its 2020 edition of Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC).

In a statement published by the Sahrawi News Agency (SPS), the Ministry stressed that by taking this step, the UNESCO is challenging international orders in a flagrant bias towards the Moroccan thesis and an explicit and dangerous deviation from the ethics and principles of the United Nations, which considers the city of El-Aaiun the capital of a territory that has not yet enjoyed the right to self-determination, and its mission (MINURSO) has been present in it for almost 29 years to organize the referendum on the self-determination of the Sahrawi people.

The Ministry of Culture drew the attention of the international community, the United Nations, and all advocates of justice and peace in the world to the danger of deviation in the policies and positions of some influential states at the United Nations, which with its prejudiced practices towards Morocco, has encouraged it to repeatedly violate the international law and legitimacy, and try to impose a fait accompli of its occupation of our homeland by various means and methods.

The Ministry expressed its categorical rejection of such practices and actions that would sow tension and attempt to legitimize the occupation and prolong the life of the conflict and rob culture and history through robbery of geography. (Sumoud)

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