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Sahrawi official source confirm death of Emirati military officer and another wounded in Western Sahara

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Secretary General of the Sahrawi Ministry of Documentation and Security, Sidi Wagal, has warned of the dangers of entering the Sahrawi territories, which have been at war since the Polisario Front declared an end to its commitment to the ceasefire on November 13, 2020, following the Moroccan army attack on the Sahrawi civilians who were peacefully demonstrating against the illegal Guerguerat breach.

The Sahrawi official, who was speaking in an exclusive interview with national television, confirmed the news of the death of an Emirati officer and another wounded, and he confirmed that the two officers were “in the process of transferring their technological expertise to the Moroccan Royal Army, those dirty expertise that they had brought into Libya and Syria and they are now providing them to the Moroccan Royal Army.”

He added that according to the information available to him, “one of them died and the second was wounded, and they were transported urgently on a private medical plane,” indicating that “they were taken care of, as they received special attention, something that Moroccan officers do not enjoy”.  It is understood from the security official’s hint that Moroccan officers killed or wounded during the bombing did not receive the same care.

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