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Sahrawi products introduced to UK must have labeling of origin

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The products coming from Western Sahara introduced to the United Kingdom are not considered as products originating in Morocco and must have clear indications concerning their real origin, said the UK Under Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Victoria Prentis.

She underlined, in a reply to a question asked by British deputy Ben Lake, that in order to conform to the legal provision prohibiting to mislead the customers, in accordance with the article 7.1 of the regulations 1169/2011 on providing information to consumers on the foodstuffs, the products coming from Western Sahara must contain a labeling indicating that they come from Western Sahara and not from Morocco.

In this regard, she said that any misleading information, including on the origin of the foodstuffs, is banned, pointing out that the underlying principles of labeling rules of foodstuffs involve that information provided on the foodstuffs must enable the consumers to make informed choice.

She affirmed that the British government considers that Western Sahara a territory whose status is indeterminate.

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