Sun 26/09/2021

Sahrawi Republic objects to accepting Israel observer state to African Union

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In a statement issued Thursday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Sahrawi Republic considered the recent decision of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission regarding the acceptance of Israel as an observer state to the African Union as had been “adopted in total disregard of the best interests of the African Union and failed to respect the well-known views and concerns of its member states.”

The statement stressed that the Sahrawi Republic added its voice to all those member states of the African Union, to express its opposition to the decision of the President of the African Union Commission to accept the accreditation of a new observer state to the African Union, and requests that this issue be included in the agenda of the Executive Council of the African Union and that it be addressed as a matter of priority given its far-reaching legal and political implications for the Union and its policies and positions on regional and international issues.

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