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Security Council: Morocco refuses to cooperate with UN and regional countries to uncover networks financing terrorism in Sahel and Sahara region

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The Moroccan regime has refused to cooperate with the United Nations and countries in the region to identify individuals and entities that supply criminal groups active in the drug trade in Sahel countries, a UN Security Council report has confirmed.

The report, a copy of which was obtained by the Sumoud website, highlighted that the involvement of armed groups in organized crime was mainly focused on the transport of hashish, leading to deadly clashes, which could destabilize northern Mali.

The report revealed that the evidence available through communication networks confirmed the involvement of companies and organized groups operating in Morocco in transporting drugs to the Sahel countries and from there to extremist groups.

The report asserts the information revealed by President Brahim Ghali’s letter to the Security Council in March 2020, which confirmed that the illegal route established by Morocco across its military wall in Guerguerat in southern Western Sahara was used as a transit point for all types of illegal goods, including cannabis produced in Morocco and other drugs, which have become one of the main sources of funding for transnational terrorist groups operating in the Sahel and Sahara region.

President Brahim Ghali emphasized that the well-documented collusion between the Moroccan army and drug barons is what explains the huge number of tons of cannabis produced in Morocco that are smuggled through the illegal Moroccan military wall in Western Sahara.

In his letter, President Brahim Ghali called for holding Morocco accountable for its well-documented role in human trafficking and drug smuggling throughout the region and beyond. (Sumoud)

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