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Security Council report: Morocco is involved in destabilizing security and stability in Sahel region, closure of Guerguerat breach by Sahrawi demonstrators stopped flow of Moroccan drugs

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A report issued by the UN Security Council on Wednesday confirmed that Morocco continued to be the main source of cannabis that passes by land through Mali, which contributes to destabilizing security and stability in this country.

The report revealed that the two large quantities seized in Bamako recently (10,800 parcels weighing a total of a ton) came from Morocco.

The report highlighted that the UN team on Mali had monitored a drug convoy using pickup trucks carrying cannabis, it followed a specific route from northern Mauritania and crossed the Taoudenni region in northern Mali. A quantity estimated at one ton of Moroccan cannabis was seized in Nouakchott in the late June 2021, and the team was informed that a suspicious convoy of 13 vehicles crossed from Mauritania to Mali on 11 June 2021

The report, which will be discussed by the Security Council, revealed that the flow of cannabis using transport vehicles between Morocco and Mauritania via Guerguerat, which enters Mali from south of Taoudenni, has been disrupted by the closure of the Guerguerat breach by Sahrawi demonstrators.

The report concluded by emphasizing that the leaders of Moroccan smuggling networks were then looking for alternative networks in Niger.

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