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Several organizations condemn Moroccan military aggression in El-Guerguerat

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Several international organizations and associations has strongly condemned the Moroccan military aggression against Sahrawi civilians in the area of El-Guerguerat, calling to immediately stop hostilities and organize, as soon as possible, a self-determination referendum.

The Maghreb Authority for Peace and Security in the States of the Arab Maghreb condemned the “dangerous” Moroccan aggression against the Sahrawi people in the region of El-Guerguerat, south-west of Western Sahara, pointing out that the solution to the Sahrawi cause “is reached through the organization of a referendum and not aggression.”

For its part, the Algerian National Committee of Solidarity with the Sahrawi People (CNASPS) dubbed “vile and full of hatred” the Moroccan military aggression against the Sahrawi civilians, calling on the Security Council to intervene to avoid remilitarization of the conflict of Western Sahara.

Leader of British organization “Adala UK” Sid Ahmed Lyadasi called Saturday the United Nations to take an action in the face of the Moroccan aggression in El Guerguerat through the implementation of its resolutions, notably the organization of a referendum on self-determination and the cessation of Moroccan violations of the ceasefire agreement.

The Spanish Coordination of Associations in solidarity with Western Sahara CEAS-Sahara, denounced the military campaign conducted by the “Moroccan aggressor” against the peaceful Sahrawi civilians, underlining that the holding of a referendum and the independence of the Sahrawi people is the only possible way to overcome the conflict.

The French Association of SADR’s Friends (AARASD) condemned the aggression conducted Friday by the Moroccan occupation forces, reiterating its “full support” to the Sahrawi people in their struggle for independence.

The European parliamentary inter-group “Peace for Sahrawi People” urged the European Union (EU) to condemn the unilateral Moroccan measures in the region of El-Guerguerat, calling to the immediate end of the impunity policy from which Morocco benefits.

Head of the Belgian Committee of Support to the Sahrawi People Pierre Galand condemned the Moroccan military aggression, pointing out that Morocco’s act is “a blatant violation” of the conflict settlement plan in Western Sahara, sponsored by UN.

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