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South Africa warns of dangerous consequences of UN Security Council’s inaction on situation in Western Sahara

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The Republic of South Africa has expressed deep concern at the inability of the Security Council to make progress on important and long-term issues, such as Western Sahara and Palestine.

In an intervention during the debate on the annual report of the UN Security Council, the Permanent Representative of South Africa to the United Nations, Mathu Joyini, stressed that the inaction of the UN Security Council regarding the developments in the situation in Western Sahara and Palestine was an indication of its failure to act proactively and decisively when crises erupt.

The South African diplomat made it clear that there was a provision to discuss the question of Western Sahara at any time when the Council deems it necessary, so South Africa considers that great attention should be given to this issue.

The South African official stressed that the Security Council, by virtue of its mandate, was required to deliberate on Western Sahara more frequently, with a view to finding a durable solution at an accelerated pace.

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