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Spain’s High Court dismisses complaint against Sahrawi President Brahim Ghali

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Spain’s High Court on Tuesday turned down a request to indict Sahrawi President Brahim Ghali, saying the plaintiffs had provided no evidence to prove his responsibility for the alleged crimes it was considering, Reuters reported.

“The High Court of Spain turned down on Tuesday a request for Saharwi President, Brahim Ghali, to be taken into custody, saying that the plaintiffs in a war crimes case have not provided evidence showing his responsibility.”

President Ghali, who has been hospitalized in Spain for a couple of weeks after being diagnosed with Covid-19, decided on Tuesday to voluntarily cooperate with the Spanish court after complaints were made against him at the instigation of the Moroccan occupation authorities.

The fact that President Ghali decided to cooperate with the Spanish court “testifies to the willingness of the Sahrawi people and their leaders to show the truth by defending the principles of justice,” said the Sahrawi Presidency in a statement.

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