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Spanish official: Our position on Western Sahara remains unchanged, Germany shares same position

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Secretary of State for Global Spain at the Spanish Foreign Ministry, Manuel Muñez, affirmed on Wednesday that Spain’s position with regard to Western Sahara will always remain unchanged, despite the recent tensions.

During a press briefing on the occasion of his visit to Berlin, the Spanish official stressed that the Spanish position on the issue of Western Sahara is known and constant, and has not changed for decades, and it is based entirely on United Nations resolutions and international consensus.

The minister highlighted that Spain, from the beginning, supported the UN Security Council’s call for a dialogue between the Sahrawi and Moroccan parties on the status of the Western Sahara territory.

He indicated that Spain urgently calls for the appointment of a new UN envoy to Western Sahara.

With regard to the German position, the Spanish minister said that Germany, which had differences with Rabat in recent months over the conflict, shares Spain’s position on Western Sahara.

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