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SPLA carries out fierce attacks against forces positioned in Farsiya, Mahbas, Teshela,  Awsard sectors

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Fighters of the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) continue, for the twenty third consecutive day, to fire at the positions and entrenchments of the Moroccan military forces along the Wall of Shame, informed the comuniqué No. 23 of the Ministry for National Defense.

According to the Comuniqué, the SPLA units on Friday launched intensified attacks on the positions of Moroccan army in Grarat Al-Ramth (Farsiya sector), Rus Sabti (Mahbas sector), Galb Adleim (Teshela sector) and Adeim Um Adglud (Awsard sector).

The Saharawi army continued today, Saturday, its strikes on the entrenchments of Morocco’s occupation army in the regions of Agleib Adleim (Teshela sector), Achdeimiya (Mahbas sector) and Rus Achdeimiya (Mahbas sector), added the Saharawi Defense Ministry.

These attacks, underlines the comuniqué, have caused more considerable human and material damages along the Moroccan Wall of Shame.

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