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SPLA conducts new attacks on Moroccan military bases for 34th consecutive day

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The units of the Saharawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) on Wednesday continued their attacks targeting the bases and positions of the Moroccan occupation forces along the wall of shame in the area of El-Guerguerat, the Saharawi Defense Ministry indicated in a communiqué.

The Ministry specified in its military communiqué No. 34, that “intense bombardments targeted, on Wednesday, the entrenchments of the enemy in the region of Amkli Etamat in the sector of Amgala, the zone of Oum Lekta (sector of Mehbes), the region of Benkaret (sector of Smara)”.

They also targeted “positions in the area of Akouira Oueld Ablel (sector of Mehbes), the area of Aoudi Lefririna (sector of Smara) and the region of Sbeykhet El Ach (decteur of Smara)”. The SPLA targeted Tuesday the region of Adhim Oum Adjloud in the sector of Aousserd, according to the communiqué.

“The bombed Moroccan bases respond with all their weapons, and they targeted Monday the region of Umm Edken in the Bakari sector, without achieving any result,” according to the same source.

“The targeted attacks of the SPLA continued for the fourth week in a row, causing considerable damage, both material and human, in the ranks of the Moroccan occupying forces along the wall of shame,” the communiqué concluded.

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