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SPLA continues attacks against Moroccan army positions

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The forces of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) continued for the 11th consecutive day their intensive attacks against the positions of the Moroccan army behind the wall of shame, after the Moroccan occupation forces violated the ceasefire agreement by attacking defenseless Sahrawi civilians, who were demonstrating peacefully in front of the illegal breach of El-Guerguerat.

The Ministry of Defense announced in its communiqué No. 11 that “the SPLA continued its strikes against the positions of the Moroccan army behind the military separation wall”.

According to the same source, the Saharawi forces carried out “violent attacks” on Sunday against the positions of the Moroccan army forces, targeting the positions of Moroccan soldiers behind the separation wall.

These bombings targeted the positioning points of Moroccan occupation soldiers in the region of El Rous Essebti (Mehbes sector), the region of Oum D’guen (Bekkari sector) and the Moroccan cantonments in the region of Sebkha T’nouchad (Mehbes sector), as well as the forces in Lekhchibi and Angab Laâbd (Haouza sector), Alfayîne (Farsia sector) and the region of Adheim Oum Adjloud (Aousserd sector).

On Monday, the statement added, the SPLA forces carried out violent attacks targeting the bases of the occupation soldiers, including bombings targeting the Amgli Acherif region (Amgala sector) and the Cheidhmya region (sector Mehbes).

The SPLA units continued their intense attacks against the positions and cantonments of the Moroccan occupation causing human and material losses throughout the wall of shame.

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