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SPLA continues attacks against positions of Moroccan occupation army

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The units of the Saharawi Popular Liberation Army (SPLA) have continued their attacks on the trenches of the Moroccan occupation army at the military wall, the Ministry of Defence indicated in its military communiqué No. 13.

These attacks, which caused “significant losses” to the bases and positions of the Moroccan occupation army, targeted sites in Aadhim and the Ouserd sector last Monday, the same source said, citing shelling on Tuesday on three occasions of entrenched positions in the region known as El Faayine, El Farsia sector.

The positions of the Moroccan occupation army in the regions of Fedrat Leghrab (Haouza sector) and Kelb Adhlim (Techla sector) were also the target of these bombings, according to the communiqué of the Ministry of Defense.

On Wednesday, SPLA forces targeted “Moroccan army trenches at Fedrat Etmat, Fedrat Abrouk and Ankab El Aabd in the Haouza sector, Amekli Echérif in the Amgala sector”, as well as others positions in the Mahbess sector.

The communiqué also cited the bombardment of other Moroccan army positions in the sectors of Oum Adrega and Ouserd, confirming that these attacks caused the enemy heavy material and human losses.

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