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SPLA continues attacks on Moroccan army positions behind separation wall

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The Sahrawi Popular Liberation Army (SPLA) continues intensive attacks on the positions of the Moroccan army behind the separation wall for the 10th consecutive day, announced the Sahrawi Defence Ministry in communiqué No.10.

“On Saturday and Sunday, violent attacks demolished the sand belt,” said the source.

“Sahrawi soldiers also targeted the positions of the Moroccan army in the regions of Haouza and Aousserd,” said the source.

On Sunday, the units of the Sahrawi Popular Liberation Army led intensive attacks on enemy sites including bombings that targeted enemy trenches in the Smara sector.

Moreover, direct bombings targeted Moroccan soldiers in Rouss Valley and Oudeyat Ghalia (Amgala), and enemy sites in the areas of Athaim Um Ajloud and Aousserd, said the communiqué.

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