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SPLA pursues attacks on Moroccan army positions for 35th day in row

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The Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) on Thursday led intensive attacks on Morocco’s military bases west of the sand wall that divides Western Sahara for the 35th day in a row, said the Sahrawi Defence Ministry in a communiqué.

According to the communiqué, the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army targeted positions of the Moroccan Army in the regions of Azmoul Oum Khomla (area of Oum Adriga), Lekhechibi (area of Smara), Rous Echaydimiya (area of Mehbes), Rous Aoudiyet Achedeyda (area of Farsiya) et Khenga Echaydimiya (area of Mehbes).”

The Sahrawi army also led attacks on the “area of Agrara Eramth (Farsiya) and the region of El Fiyinne (Farsiya),” said the source.

Moreover, the Sahrawi army targeted positions of the Moroccan army in the region of Lekhechibi (sector of Smara), said the communiqué.

Since Morocco’s November 13 violation of the cease-fire agreement in El Guerguarate, southwestern Western Sahara, the SPLA has been carrying out intense attacks against Moroccan army positions.

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