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Swedish Parliament: A new proposal calls on Sweden to recognize the Sahrawi Republic

6 months ago at 11/Oct/2020 134

A draft proposal submitted to the Swedish Parliament called on the government to recognize the Sahrawi Republic and establish diplomatic relations with it.

The proposal – a copy of which was obtained by the Sumoud website – stated that the Swedish government is required to implement the resolution approved by the Swedish Parliament in 2012 calling for the recognition of the Sahrawi Republic.

The draft resolution highlighted that the recognition of the Sahrawi Republic would break the deadlock, strengthen the peaceful struggle of the Sahrawi people to regain their occupied territories, and increase pressure on Morocco to comply with resolutions calling for the decolonization of Western Sahara.

The draft resolution pointed out that a large number of prominent experts stressed that international law does not prevent recognition of Western Sahara and that the legal conditions were similar when Sweden recognized Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Palestine. (Sumoud)

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