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sumoudsh - 8 months ago at 21/Aug/2020
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Sahrawi President from liberated territories: Reconstruction of the liberated territories is a devotion to the sovereignty of the Sahrawi state.

Sumoud,  21 August 2020 -President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Secretary-General of the Polisario Front, Mr. Brahim Ghali, has reiterated that the reconstruction of the liberated territories of the Sahrawi Republic had been a dedication to the sovereignty of the Sahrawi state. "Our presence in our liberated territories…

sumoudsh - 8 months ago at 13/Aug/2020
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European Commission expresses satisfaction with smooth conduct of European aid to Sahrawi refugees

Sumoud, 13 August 2020 - In an explicit response to the campaign led by some parties within the European Parliament, the European Commission has confirmed that the aid provided to Sahrawi refugees had been carried out in good conditions. In a report to the European Parliament on humanitarian aid funded…

sumoudsh - 8 months ago at 08/Aug/2020
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Algerian Ministry of National Defense:transferofcargo of humanitarian aid for Sahrawi people

Sumoudsh- 8 August 2020 -  The Algerian Ministry of National Defense has confirmed in a statement that a military airplane loaded with a cargo of humanitarian aid for the Sahrawi people set off on Saturday from the air base in Boufarik towards the air base of deployment in Tindouf, reported…

sumoudsh - 10 months ago at 25/Jun/2020
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African Union’s position and possible pressure papers to impose referendum in Western Sahara

Sumoud-25 June 2020 -An analytical paper prepared by the Studies Department of Sumoud site highlighted that Morocco's attempt to maintain the status quo in Western Sahara and obstruct the activation of the troika and reject the decisions of the African Union, will strengthen the Union's position, and push it to…

sumoudsh - 11 months ago at 02/Jun/2020
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Will Russia succeed in curbing French intervention in Western Sahara issue?

Sumoudsh-2 June 2020 -  An analytical paper prepared by the Studies Department at Sumoud site affirmed that the new Russian position on the Western Sahara issue represented a strong blow to France, which for decades has been controlling the course of the Western Sahara issue.For the first time, France is…