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The Norwegian government is called to exhort companies and businessmen to evade investments that are not approved by the Sahrawi people  

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The Norwegian government is required to provide all clarifications to companies and businessmen to keep away from investments that are not approved by the Sahrawi people, Norwegian MP Asmund Aukrust emphasized Wednesday.

The Norwegian companies are waiting for clear signals from the Norwegian authorities to take the appropriate decision regarding investment in Western Sahara, the MP confirmed in a written questions addressed to the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Ine Eriksen Soreide.

The MP urged the government to provide all necessary explanations, especially with regard to the need to stay away from economic activities that are not accepted by the Sahrawi people.

The MP highlighted that the rulings issued by the European Court of Justice in recent years confirmed that the approval of the Sahrawi people will be decisive in determining the legality of the economic agreements signed between Morocco and the European Union.

The MP affirmed that the European Court put an end to the European Commission’s arguments that agreements with Morocco covering Western Sahara would be legal if they were in line with the “interests” of the “local population” in the territory, in disregard for the Sahrawi people in the occupied and liberated territories and the Sahrawi refugee camps. (Sumoud)

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