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The shameless complicity                          

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Brahim Salem Buseif

Faced with the resumption of the liberation war by the POLISARIO Front as a result of the violation of the ceasefire committed by the invading Moroccan regime, the daring hypocrisy of some is surprising, demanding that “the traffic of commerce and civilians be allowed” through the breach illegally opened by the occupation authorities in Guerguerat. That breach, used for the looting of our resources and the illicit trade in drugs, constitutes, in itself, a clear violation of the status quo established in 1991 since it violates the norms of the agreements signed by the POLISARIO Front and the Kingdom of Morocco under the auspices of the UN.

That the breach in Guerguerat is a transgression and a violation of the ceasefire agreement is known by the MINURSO, the Secretary General of the UN and the Security Council itself, however they chose, for a long time, to turn a blind eye to the blatant contempt committed by Morocco and deaf ears to our complaints and protests. Therefore, even though Morocco is guilty of breaking the truce, they are responsible for the resumption of the war. The lack of rigor, seriousness, partiality and even blatant complicity – by UN with the occupying authorities – in the application of International Law lead to the loss of credibility of a body whose task is to ensure peace and prevent the law of the jungle from prevailing.

Those voices, misled or bribed accomplices, who qualify the illegal breach as “passage” should know that the movement of people and the traffic of normal and legal trade, between Western Sahara and its neighbors, is and continues to be obstructed and interrupted since 1975, date of the Moroccan invasion. This obstruction is symbolized by an aggressive wall of 2,700 km guarded by thousands of soldiers, adorned with millions of explosive land mines and barbed wire that not only cuts off the passage to people and livestock but also cuts off their lives. On the other hand, the policy of sham “consulates”, recently undertaken by Morocco in the occupied territories of the Saharawi Republic, is, in addition to being illegal, useless. It is illegal since it violates International Law regarding the territories under occupation and it is useless because having accomplices will not absolve the transgressor or modify the jurisprudence regarding the occupation. Simplified, the matter is analogous to the thief who, looting a home, calls his henchmen to participate in the robbery. The fact that there are several thieves does not legalize the bad action of the thief or modify the laws regarding the crime.

In any case, and above all voices, since last November 13, our policy towards the Alawite kingdom continues “by other means” as Clausewitz said. We have verified that the monarchy does not respect and reneges its solemnly contracted commitments, therefore, Incha Allah (God willing), we will sign peace with the Republic of Morocco.

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