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The Washington Post criticizes recognition of Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara

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The American daily, the Washington Post, has noted that one of the most delicate foreign policy problems inherited by the Biden administration is the reckless recognition by former President Donald Trump in December of Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over occupied Western Sahara busy.

According to the newspaper, it was a move that overturned long-standing US policy and put Washington at odds with European allies, African nations and UN resolutions.

Mr. Trump did not act on the substance of the issue, but as part of a deal to get Morocco to improve its relations with the Zionist entity, the Washington Post added, calling the move an unfair and unnecessary reward for a regime that, under King Mohammed VI, has become increasingly autocratic.

And the new U.S. administration has unsurprisingly been slow to clarify whether it will confirm Trump’s position or reverse it, as urged by 25 senators, the newspaper further wrote.

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