Sun 26/09/2021

U.S. Congress continues to include Western Sahara as part of freedom defense project

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The United States Congress continues to include Western Sahara in the Defence of Freedoms project in support of prisoners of conscience worldwide, along with 18 countries where human rights activists are imprisoned and tortured for their political positions.

In this regard, the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission has chosen Sahrawi prisoner of conscience, Mohamed Khalil Bambari, as a model from Western Sahara, within the initiative that also aims to increase attention to human rights violations by encouraging members of Congress to defend on behalf of prisoners of conscience.

The Sahrawi political detainee, Mohamed El-Khalil Al-Bambari, is held in the local prison of Ait Melloul, Morocco, under an unjust and harsh sentence of up to 06 years in prison, on the background of his political and human rights activities defending the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination and independence.

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