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UN Security Council is expected to continue consultations on Trump’s declaration on Western Sahara

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A group close to the UN Security Council expected that the Council would continue this January to discuss the declaration of outgoing US President Doland Trump on Western Sahara.

In a paper on issues that will be of interest to the Security Council during the month of January, the group highlighted that the Council will discuss the Middle East file and the recent developments related to normalization processes with Israel and their impact on the Palestinian and Sahrawi issues.

The document recalled the important meeting of the UN Security Council on December 21, on Western Sahara, which unanimously rejected the US move, which has serious implications on peace and security in the region as well as the United Nations’ efforts to reach a solution to the Western Sahara issue.

The UN Security Council will follow with interest, in the coming weeks, the position of President Joe Biden’s administration on issues on the Council’s agenda, namely Western Sahara and the Golan Heights, where the United States has maintained a position of support for respect for international law.

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