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UN Security Council to meet Wednesday to adopt new draft resolution on Western Sahara

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The United Nations Security Council is due to hold a session Wednesday evening to discuss a draft resolution submitted by the United States on the situation in Western Sahara.

The meeting is held amid a special situation characterized by rising tensions in the Guerguerat region, which has been the scene of mass popular protests in opposition to the continuation of the situation in Western Sahara and the failure of the United Nations to meet its obligations to hold a referendum for the self-determination of the Sahrawi people.

The stalemate in the Sahrawi issue has encouraged Morocco to pursue its plans to impose the fait accompli of the occupation in Western Sahara.

Many voices have recently been voiced at a Security Council session calling for “the urgent appointment of a new UN envoy for Western Sahara, in order to maintain the political momentum achieved over the past months,” warning of “the serious consequences of the current stalemate.”

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