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UN Security Council: US draft resolution explicitly calls for appointment of new envoy for Western Sahara

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Russia will present to members of the Security Council on Thursday a draft resolution prepared by the United States on extending the mandate of the MINURSO mission for another year, a source close to the UN Security Council indicated Wednesday.

The draft resolution was intensely debated behind the scenes, with several countries calling for a clear and firm invitation to the secretary-general to appoint a new envoy for Western Sahara as soon as possible, the source added.

The source revealed that South Africa and several Security Council members warned against the seriousness of the situation in Western Sahara, so the draft resolution, which will be put to a vote, will include examples on current issues that could fuel the conflict in Western Sahara.

The issues that raised the concerns of Security Council members are the Moroccan escalation, which started at the beginning of this year, and which aims to try to impose the fait accompli of the occupation in Western Sahara by opening diplomatic representations of some countries, and the deteriorating situation in the Guerguerat due to the continued opening of the illegal breach in the region.

The source close to the Security Council expected one or two members to abstain from voting.

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