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UN Security Council/ Western Sahara: Germany warns against Washington partiality

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The German delegation to the UN warned against the partiality of the United States, the penholder of the resolutions on Western Sahara, after the outgoing president, Donald Trump, recognized Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over the territory.

“Being a penholder comes with responsibility. This is accompanied by a strong commitment to solve a problem, we must be fair, we must be impartial, we must have in mind the legitimate interest of all parties and we must act within the framework of international law,” said the German Ambassador to the UN, Christoph Heusgen.

He revealed that his country “remains deeply committed to a political solution that is truly in the interest of all. The whole region would benefit.”

On December 10, the outgoing American president, Donald Trump announced his recognition of the alleged “Moroccan sovereignty” over Western Sahara in return for the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel, a declaration that has sparked negative reactions across the world, including within the party to which Donald Trump belongs.

Trump’s announcement has been largely criticized because it goes against international law, the United Nations and other international organizations that consider Western Sahara to be a territory illegally occupied by the Moroccan regime.

This position also contradicts the policy adopted by the United States with regard to Western Sahara, which is to support the organization of a referendum for the self-determination of the Sahrawi people.

In its Tuesday edition, the New York Times, based on diplomatic sources, explained that Trump’s decision could be reversed by the Biden administration, which will take command of the White House from January 20.

A cancellation that could be explained by the fact that the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara is contrary to one of the founding principles of the United States, namely the support of the right to self-determination.

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