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UN SG: Western Sahara is a decolonization issue, Morocco’s attempts to impose a fait accompli policy are cause for concern

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The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres. confirmed Thursday that the issue of Western Sahara is a question of decolonization on the agenda of the UN Fourth Committee.

In his annual report submitted to the UN General Assembly, a copy of which obtained by the Sumoud website, Mr. Guterres revealed a part of the colonial policy pursued by Morocco in Western Sahara in an attempt to legitimize its occupation of the territory.

The report expressed concern about the opening of diplomatic representations by a number of African states in the occupied Sahrawi cities and Morocco’s unilateral decision to define its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone, including those off the coast of Western Sahara, as well as Morocco’s continued exploitation of the territory’s natural resources.

Mr. Guterres stressed that Morocco’s actions in Western Sahara raise fears regarding the return of tension to Western Sahara, where the United Nations received several letters from the Polisario Front warning against the danger of Morocco’s continuation in violating international law in Western Sahara.

The UN Secretary-General warned against the serious situation in the occupied Sahrawi territories due to Morocco’s policy of preventing Sahrawis from expressing their political positions.

The report affirms the United Nations commitment despite Morocco’s repeated attempts to assume its responsibility towards decolonization of Western Sahara, where the Decolonization Committee annually debates the Sahrawi issue and makes a recommendation on it. (Sumoud)

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