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United States: Situation in Western Sahara is dangerous, we might be obliged to stop flying in Western Sahara airspace

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The US Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed in a statement that the situation in Western Sahara is dangerous as a result of the Polisario Front’s declaration of the resumption of armed struggle against Morocco.

The US administration clarified that it was monitoring closely the situation and advising airlines passing through the airspace of Western Sahara.

The American administration indicated that the situation is expected to become more dangerous with the expansion of military operations, and the possibility of the Polisario Front using anti-aircraft weapons.

The US administration stated that the air defense weapons that the Sahrawi army possesses are capable of targeting aircrafts, as it managed during the war with Morocco to shoot down a number of Moroccan aircraft.

There are three air routes that pass through the airspace of Western Sahara, the first connecting Paris to Dakar, the second connecting Lisbon to Dakar, and the third connecting the Canary Islands to Africa, it should be recalled.

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