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UNSC meeting on Western Sahara: Russia calls on Washington to cancel Trump’s announcement on Western Sahara

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A diplomatic sources have revealed that Russia condemned on Wednesday Trump’s announcement on Western Sahara and called on the United States to cancel it, during the meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Western Sahara, while Kenya strongly defended the mediation of the African Union, and Ireland, a non-permanent member of the Council, affirmed its full support for the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination.

During the meeting, Norway expressed its deep concern about the field developments in Western Sahara and the humanitarian situation in the Sahrawi refugee camps, and urged Morocco and the Polisario Front to enter into talks in order to reach a just and lasting solution that would enable the people of Western Sahara to have the right to self-determination.


The same diplomatic sources indicated on Wednesday that the UN Security Council session on Western Sahara was heated as there was no agreement to adopt a joint statement drafted by the United States calling for avoiding escalation in Western Sahara.

The sources confirmed to AFP that India, China and African countries considered that the joint declaration could be “misinterpreted and counterproductive,” while the United Nations Secretariat urged the Security Council to take steps to prevent the escalation of the situation in Western Sahara.

The text of the declaration urges “constructive” behavior in dealing on the ground with the United Nations Mission (MINURSO) and the speedy nomination of a new United Nations envoy “in order to relaunch the stalled political process as soon as possible.”

According to sources, the General Secretariat warned the Security Council that the situation is very unstable and could lead to an escalation. The same sources added that UN officials also estimated that the political process could be resumed by simply naming a new envoy.

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