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US administration reviews its position following international mobilization

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Minister, advisor to the Sahrawi Presidency in charge of political affairs Bachir Mustapha reported on Wednesday that the US administration is “retracting” in its position vis-à-vis Western Sahara question, after the worldwide support to the legitimate Sahrawi question, adding that the Sahrawi people hoped that the new administration will correct the blunders of outgoing President Donald Trump.

In a statement to APS, the Sahrawi minister said that the United States made a kind of “retraction” in its position resulted from the announcement by outgoing President Donald Trump on Western Sahara.

The announcement triggered broad international mobilization in support of the legitimacy of the Sahrawi question, in particular the recent meeting of the Security Council which recalled the legal basis of the Sahrawi question.

Recently, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo “called for dialogue between the different parties to achieve a settlement of the crisis in the region.”

Commenting Pompeo remarks, Bachir said that Pompeo decision to open a virtual consulate in the occupied region of Al Ayun, and mentioning Western Sahara, despite Trump’s decision confirming that “the alleged recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara is cyclical, even a pure illusion.”

Moreover, he said that “Washington would like to sideline France and Spain to better impose itself in this question and in the whole region and thus guarantee its geostrategic presence in the region.”

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