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Will Russia succeed in curbing French intervention in Western Sahara issue?

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Sumoudsh-2 June 2020 –  An analytical paper prepared by the Studies Department at Sumoud site affirmed that the new Russian position on the Western Sahara issue represented a strong blow to France, which for decades has been controlling the course of the Western Sahara issue.For the first time, France is unable to defend the Moroccan thesis within the Security Council and King Mohammed VI’s irreversible decisions on the crises of expelling the civilian component of the MINURSO mission as Guerguerat is falling apart.

The analytical paper that dealtwith the evolution of the Russian position, its future implications and prospectson the Sahrawi issue highlighted “Russia, through its new stance on the Western Sahara issue, wanted to send messages to several parties that confirm Moscow’s interest in the Sahrawi file and its willingness to defend its position even if it required the use of strategic papers such as the vetowithin the UN Security Council”.

The analysis confirmed that the decline of the intensity of the Moroccan position, Rabat’s acceptance to participate in Geneva meetings against its will,and Moscow’s hint at using its influence to impose the return of the international legitimacy in the Western Sahara and to counter attempts to tamper with or ignore its interests in the region, were facts proving the ability of the Russian position to bring about the required transformation in the course of developments, and to push in the direction of accelerating the decolonization of Western Sahara.

The analytical paper expected that the momentum of pressure caused by the Russian position will continue in the coming years, as it is likely that Russia will use its influence in the region to press in the direction of reviving the UN-African settlement plan,launching real and comprehensive negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario Front and strengthening the role of the African Union, which were the focal points of the campaign launched by France years ago to derail the Western Sahara issue as a question of decolonization on the United Nations agenda since 1963.

The Russian position, which has showed the Polisario Front as a partner that cannot be ignored in the peace process and efforts to enhance stability and security in the North African and Sahel regions,will undoubtedly strengthen the Sahrawi position in theprospect of resuming negotiations with Morocco and opens wide prospects for the Polisario Front to establish relations with influential states such as China.


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