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US security report: Morocco besieges Western Sahara, prevents US observers from documenting peaceful protests demanding self-determination

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A recent security report issued by the US administration revealed that the occupied Western Sahara is under siege due to the continuing peaceful protests demanding self-determination.

The report – a copy of which was obtained by the Somoud website – confirmed that the legal status of Western Sahara remains unresolved as  the Polisario Front continues its struggle for the independence of the territory.

The report highlighted that Morocco imposes a tight security blockade on all Western Sahara cities, where peaceful protests calling for self-determination continue.

The report revealed that a number of US observers were prevented from accessing Western Sahara to document political protests and meet with human rights groups demanding self-determination in Western Sahara.

The report warned against the serious situation in Western Sahara, especially in the areas adjacent to the Moroccan military wall that contains millions of unexploded mines which continue to cause civilian deaths.  (Sumoud)

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